The Quint| QRant: Let’s Stop Questioning Rohith Vemula’s Caste?

The Quint

Rohith Vemula was not a Dalit.

That's what the Justice Roopanwal Commission Report has said. And now, everyone wants to debate his caste.

Did his mother brand herself a Dalit to get reservation for her son? Oh! let's delve into his family history to render invalid precisely that part of his identity which made him a Dalit icon

It’s anybody's guess WHY the Roopanwal Commission is investigating Rohit's caste, because that's not its mandate.

The Commission was created to:

examine the circumstances and facts, which led to Rohith's death and bring the perpetrator to justice, if any

to review the functioning of the grievance committee and suggest mechanisms for improvement

Then why do the Commission’s final findings dedicate 4 pages out of 12 on whether Rohith a Dalit – or not?

More importantly, the Collector of Rohit's home district, Guntur had issued a caste certificate stating that he belonged to the Scheduled Caste category.

So let's not humiliate Radhika Vemula and her family any more, because centuries of caste oppression has already done that for us?

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