New Gujarat Video Shows Tannery Workers Attacked In May; Arrests 3 Days Ago

All India
| Reported by Rohit Bhan, Edited by Veer Arjun Singh | Updated: July 21, 2016 20:34 IST

As opposition parties united to express outrage in Parliament over the flogging and shaming of four Dalit men in Gujarat by self-styled cow protectors earlier this month, a video has emerged of another attack two months ago.

In the video from May 22, some people are seen cowering in fear in a hutment and one of them is slapped. Piyush Mahida, 17, told NDTV that about 20 to 25 people confined him and eight other tannery workers for almost two hours in Gujarat's Rajula and abused them, accusing them of cow slaughter.  

"We told them we collected the dead cow legally from a gau sewa sadan, but they didn't listen and beat us up," he said.

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