"Always Remember-Silence of good men is more dangerous than brutality of bad men”

Dalits represent a community of 170 million in India, constituting 17% of the population.  One out of every six Indians is Dalit, yet due to their caste identity Dalits regularly face discrimination and violence which prevent them from enjoying the basic human rights and dignity promised to all citizens of India. Close to half of the Dalit population lives under the Poverty Line, and even more (62%) are illiterate. Among the Dalits, most of those engaged in agricultural work are landless or nearly landless agricultural laborers.

Dalits are the victims of an ancient form of persecution and segregation in India known as the caste system. According to ancient hindu text - the dalit is the "unborn," with no physical link with the supreme being. According to this hymn, from the body of Brahma come the four main categories of Hindu society, namely the four varnas (colors or castes): - brahmins (priests), kshatriyas (warriors), vaishyas (businessmen), and shudras (servants). The priest is born from the mouth of the Creator, the warrior from the arm, the businessman from the stomach, and the servant from the foot. Untouchables are born from outside the body of the Creator, almost a different species from Brahma's children. Their entry into the divine body would be as unthinkable as the entry of an animal.

Hence dalits face almost 140 forms of work & descent based discrimination at the hands of the dominant castes. Such discrimination broadly occurs in three contexts – social, economic and religious. Caste and Untouchability was practiced to such an extreme that, for instance, even the shadow of a Dalit casting itself on a Brahmin would attract severe punishment, while, if a Dalit spoke harshly against the upper-castes, he would have a long nail driven into his mouth as punishment. The vast majority of these crimes remain unreported due to omnipresent fear, and those that are reported are often ignored by police or end up languishing in the backlogged court system

www.dalitforum.com provides an opportunity to all dalits and human right activist to discuss all attrocity committed on dalits. share the pain , anguish of fellow dalits who are killed , raped , boycotted and all kinds of attrocity committed not because He/She is a criminal or rapist or terrorist, but He/She is born in particular caste. It provides an opportunity to discuss social, economical and political issues.

The proprietor of www.dalitforum.com is Mr. VENKATESH SHANTARAM BIJAPUR, 46 yrs old, residing in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He is B.E (CS) qualified, freelance web designer.  In his 40 yrs life span, has see numerous amount of discrimination and atrocity on dalits and has himself along with his family undergone social, economic and religious discrimination.