1,500, mostly Dalits, convert to Buddhism in Meerut

Venkatesh S Bijapur October 30, 2018

The School of Buddhism Studies will open many centres all over the country. Meerut: More than 1,500 people, mostly Dalits and or from the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) converted to Buddhism in a massive religious ceremony organized at Subharti University here on Wednesday.Founder of the university Atul Krishna and his family were also among the converts. They should understand that unless we develop a casteless society, India cannot become a superpower."Most of the people comprised residents of nearby villages and districts adjoining Meerut. Converting to Buddhism will at least remove the caste tag from us."Another local, Kirpal Singh said, "There is no harm in exploring a religion which Bhimrao Ambedkar adopted. Mamraj Singh, a villager said, "We are fed up with the present political structure that only aims at subjugating lower caste groups.

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