Over 10,000 Dalits ‘adopt’ Buddhism in Kanpur Dehat

justicenews.co.in October 30, 2018

KANPUR: Over 10,000 Dalits of Pukhrayan village in Kanpur Dehat district of UP on Friday worshipped mythological demon king Ravana and later reportedly embraced Buddhism on the occasion of Dussehra in the presence of Bahraich BJP MP Savitri Bai Phule.

The district administration, however, denied that any conversion took place at the event. However, reports said that conversions were done in the presence of 12 Buddhist monks during Ambedkar Baudh Deeksha ceremony held on the Krishi Mandi Samiti ground in Pukhrayan. NH-25 echoed with “Kate Klesh, Jai Lankesh (Lanka king delivers from pain)” slogans raised on the occasion.

“I went there to attend the ceremony as Buddhism has shown the possibility of dignity and equality. We will make entire India Buddhmayi and Samrat Ashokamayi, and bring an end to the Manuwadi system prevailing in the country. We will wipe out those who have fed this country with the poison of caste divide,” said Phule when questioned about her presence at the event.

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