As Madhya Pradesh gears up for assembly elections 2018, the cry for change rises

www.hindustantimes.com November 25, 2018

Naryoli, the only one among Sagar’s eight assembly seats reserved for scheduled castes (SC), takes its name from an eponymous village, to reach which you take a narrow approach road off a state highway.

On this day, a group of young residents are sprawled around a tree. Ask them about the ‘chunaavi mahaul’ (election environment) in their neighbourhood ahead of the November 28 Madhya Pradesh elections,and there is an almost unanimous response from the all-Dalit group: “Badlaav, there will be change.”

It is this word that has come to increasingly define the pre-election mood across districts in the Bundelkhand and Vindhya regions of Madhya Pradesh where the common refrain is that the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party’s tally looks likely to dip and the Congress’ set to increase.

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