Bhim Army Chief Stresses On Dalit-Muslim Unity Ahead Of 2019

https://www.ndtv.com November 29, 2018


Emphasizing the need for a Dalit-Muslim unity, the Bhim Army on Thursday said Muslims have been "cheated" by their leaders and should choose their candidates carefully in 2019.

"Muslims have been sidelined by those leaders and parties for whom they have been voting till now," Bhim Army Chief Chandrashekar told news agency PTI.

"Muslims should understand where their interest lies. They should set a benchmark to see if those they have been voting for are really working for them. Their interest lies with Dalits. I think if there is social harmony between them, no politician will be able to divide them. Both sections have remained deprived for long. I realise their weakness and tell them where their interest lies," he added," he said

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