Vanniyars oppose Dalits’ temple entry

Tiruvannamalai, November 1, 2016 Updated: November 1, 2016 05:38 IST

PMK says temple not a common place of worship as it is not managed by HR&CE department

Members of the Vanniyar community in Hariharappakkam village, in Vembakkam taluk, staged a demonstration in Cheyyar on Monday criticising officials for facilitating the entry of Dalit people into the Thulukkanathamman temple.

The temple is located in Hariharappakkam and Dalit residents of neighbouring Namandi village live close to the temple.

Vanniyar community members had not been allowing their entry into the temple all these years.

Some youngsters from among the Dalits petitioned the Collector seeking government intervention in the matter. Cheyyar sub-collector T.Prabu Shankar called for a peace meeting to persuade the Vanniyar caste members to let Dalits into the temple.

But as they were not relenting, officials with the help of police broke open the locks and facilitated the entry of Dalits into the temple on October 25.

Since then, Vanniyar community members started mobilising themselves and the temple was sealed the next day.

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