Cong to benefit from Baraiyya’s Dalit vote bank

venkatesh April 06, 2019

Gwalior, After his break-up with BSP, Engineer Phulasingh Baraiyya, who is responsible for establishing BSP in Madhya Pradesh, has eventually joined the Congress after crossing over several political parties.

Baraiyya may have raised eyebrows of those who know him closely for having joined hands with Congress all of a sudden but this Dalit leader has his own logic to justify his move. He says that in today’s situation, the biggest enemy of the entire population of the Dalit class and the country is BJP, and he has joined Congress unconditionally only to nullify BJP politically.

Meanwhile there are speculations in a section of the Congress from the entry of this Dalit leader, who was once strongly against Congress. There is a big natural reason for this. Actually Baraiyya is now the main contender for ticket from Bhind parliamentary seat of Chambal. It is being said that Baraiyya has been brought to the Congress only by Bhind’s hardline leader and minister, Dr. Govind Singh who has own interest behind it.

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