Delhi’s Dalit areas will shun ‘Harijan’ tag

venkatesh April 06, 2019

Rishabh, 22, a resident of Harijan Basti, a Dalit-dominated slum cluster in West Delhi’s Vikaspuri area, prefers not to write his surname. “But, it does feel awkward when I have to writ ...

Academics support IIT-Kanpur professor: Dalit academicians have regularly been at receiving end of caste bias

venkatesh April 06, 2019

Around 400 academics and activists across the world have signed a 

UPSC Result 2019: Kanishak Kataria, Alumnus of IIT Bombay, Tops Civil Services Exam

venkatesh April 06, 2019

New Delhi: Kanishak Kataria, a B.Tech from IIT Bombay, has topped the civil services final examination 2018, results of which were announced by the UPSC on Friday, while Srushti Ja ...

Cong to benefit from Baraiyya’s Dalit vote bank

venkatesh April 06, 2019

Gwalior, After his break-up with BSP, Engineer Phulasingh Baraiyya, who is responsible for establishing BSP in Madhya Pradesh, has eventually joined the Congress after crossin ...

UP’s ‘Dalit Dulha’ set to contest from Hathras

venkatesh March 19, 2019

Agra: Sanjay Jatav, popularly known as the ‘Dalit Dulha’, shot to fame after he led his wedding procession on a horse-drawn buggy through the upper caste dominated villages of N ...

Dalit Women in Politics: Cynthia Stephen on Brahminism, patriarchy in politics — and the need for change

venkatesh March 15, 2019

If we look at our country's politics, there has been no one from the scheduled castes who has become the Prime Minister of India till date, let alone a scheduled caste woman. Political enga ...

A Muslim-Dalit axis going back to Haji Mastan’s shot at redemption.

venkatesh March 15, 2019

Efforts by Congress and NCP to bring together disparate outfits in Maharashtra under the banner of a united opposition have been undermined primarily by one man: Prakash Ambedkar. Reaching out ...