Thakurs vs Dalits in Saharanpur: One killed, 25 houses set ablaze

The Indian Express
manish sahu
9 hours ago

A 35-year-old man was killed, 16 persons seriously injured and at least 25 houses torched after clashes broke out Friday between members of the Thakur and Dalit communities in Shabbirpur village of Saharanpur in UP following a dispute over a procession in memory of Rajput ruler Maharana Pratap.

Officials said the clash was the latest incident in a three-month-old dispute between the two communities over the installation of an Ambedkar statue in the village. They said that while Shabbirpur is dominated by Dalits, the neighbouring Simlana village is a stronghold of Thakurs.

Police said the injured were rushed a local hospital where Sumit Rajput of Rasoolpur village in the area was declared dead. All the houses torched were those of Dalits in Shabbirpur, they said.

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