Mayawati quitting Rajya Sabha may be calculated move to salvage Dalit vote bank, experts say

PTIJul, 23 2017 10:43:39 IST

Lucknow: Mayawati's political adversaries might term her dramatic resignation as a gimmick, but analysts say the astute politician has taken a well thought-out plan to resign from the Rajya Sabha to regain her losing hold over her core electorate.

"Mayawati seems to have realised, after successive failures at the hustings, that she has to return to her core votebank - the Dalits - for her political survival and the live debate on the TV gave her the best opportunity to announce it to the world that she is ready for all sacrifice and emerge as the most credible spokesperson of Dalit issues," political analyst and former head of political science department of Lucknow University Ramesh Dixit says.

This is not the first time that Mayawati was heckled while speaking in the House or the Chair has tried to restrict the duration of her speech, so her aggressive postures in the House before storming out has been taken as a move to draw attention on herself and brand the BJP as anti-Dalit.

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